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Cross Fire Online Game - لعبة عبر النيران الكاملة علي الانترنت

Cross Fire Online


Type : EXE Setup File
Three Direct Servers
Cross Fire Online Servers
Size : 360MB

 Global Risk. The best soldiers, hand selected from the world’s leading Special Forces organisations. The members of this nation-bound group are the elite of the elite, and although they fight for money, they are driven by justice.
Global Risk confronts Black List. Another organisation, though not quite so noble. These international mercenaries commit terror, focusing solely on the profit. This independent group frequently sponsors and participates in terrorist actions.
A ruthless battle emerges at a meeting of the front. Blood reigns high, and it’s impossible to say who’s winning.

The first thing you probably want to know is what makes it that special, the new unseen features, and such.
Well, if that is what you’re looking for, I’ll have to disappoint you. Cross Fire follows the shooter principles to the letter. Nearly none of the game’s aspects deviate from the shooter standards.
And that’s leads us to why it’s such a great game.


These days are filled – over the top sometimes – with gaming experiments. It’s nice to be able take a break from that, and play a normal game from time to time. The makers made their choice very clear, as they declared: “No photon lasers. No energy fields. Just blood, and guts”

Because of this ’simple’ direction the developers took the project, they were able to spend a lot more time in fine tweaking it.
I must say, there are few free online shooters that feel as complete and finished as Cross Fire, and the latter has just started Beta phase.
The game runs as smooth as an gelatine eel. You shouldn’t expect Crysis graphics, with a maximum resolution of 1024, but the gameplay ought to get you licking your fingers. After merely a few minutes, you’ll be hopping along with the rest, feeling like you’ve played this game for years – and want to keep playing, for that matter.

Game Modes

Cross Fire hosts four game modes for intensive online play; ‘Search & Destroy’, ‘Team Deathmatch’, ‘Elimination’ and the all new ‘Ghost Mode’.

Search & Destroy

You win by either eliminating all members of the oposing team, or by completing set objectives (e.g. defusing or planting a bomb)
This game mode is usually played in multiple rounds. The team with the most rounds won being the victor.

Team Deathmatch

An explanation shouldn’t be needed here. Eliminating as many members of the enemy party as possible is your sole mission.
There’s only one round, with instant respawns for whoever is killed. The victor is the team that reaches the kill limit first.


crossfire gameSimilar to Team Deathmatch, only without instant respawn.
The team that manages to eliminate all members of the enemy party wins a round. A set number of rounds needs to be won to win the game.

Ghost Mode

crossfire onlineThis is an innovating and unique game mode, newly introduced by Cross Fire.
The Black List members are invisible, but have only a knife and C4. They need to blow up a target, but can be heard by the Global Risk members, who are visible, but have access to all weapons.


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